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Your Power Is Hidden In The Dark.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have you ever been surrounded by darkness and felt there was no way out? The suffocating depth of darkness, whether in the mind or in the middle of the night can at times be overwhelming. Renée had a night like that recently, the darkness in her dreams woke her.

‘Are you afraid?’ It whispered. Her heart did skip a beat.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing energy work for, when it wakes you up in the middle of the night there is still a moment of ‘please don’t let this be happening’.

She looked for the creature her imagination was trying to form from the voice in the blinding darkness. Maybe sharp teeth, tall and broad. Too close for comfort.

We often accept stories that the dark is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. Sure there are some funky energies that you don’t want to play around with. Much how in your everyday life there are people you know you need to give a wide berth to. But by removing your fear of the ‘dark’ you remove any power those funky energies may have over you.

The thing is, your limitlessness lives in the darkness. The dark gives birth to the light, the two need each other. You too have a say of what goes bump in the night, what can come into your space, how much power you hold. To embrace all aspects of your self, all aspects of the Universe is to be truly whole, complete, embodied and empowered.

To be having a human experience is not to be at the whim of fate, or powers beyond this world. To be human is to experience those inter dimensional, multi universal gifts manifest as physical in the 3D. To be human is to feel the dark and light and know they are equally valuable.

So when Renée woke up to the whispers of ‘are you afraid’, she whispered back ‘Are you afraid?’ to the darkness trying to consume her, ‘because you should be’.

You are a powerful being.

Want to start your energetic apprenticeship? Learn about the balance of light and dark, physical tools to connect to your intuition, open communication with your spirit guides. Have the courage to say ‘boo’ back to the self sabotaging programs and beliefs that creep out in your dreams?

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