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What is Yin Yoga

When many people hear the words Yin Yoga, they often wonder what on earth it is. We totally understand, so we’re demystifying it for you! Find out when our Newcastle Yin Yoga classes are on the timetable.

Now, you may hear the words ‘it’s just stretching’, and that’s half true, but yin yoga is so

much more than stretching our body. In fact, in order to truly feel the benefits of yin yoga, it is

imperative to come into a state of surrender. The truth of yin yoga is that you are very likely

going to get a little bit uncomfortable. And that’s what can make this yoga practice so

challenging, but also so very rewarding.

The Goal of Yin Yoga

In Yin yoga we are essentially asking our muscles to get out of the way, to stop resisting so

that we can place very gentle stress on our connective tissues, such as our ligaments, joints

and our fascia. If we don’t pay them much attention, these dense tissues can stop us from

moving at an optimal level and we can feel stuck. When we feel stuck in our bodies, other

aspects of our health and our lives can suffer too.

The experienced teachers at The Open Mind Space here in Newcastle are passionate about

assisting you to become free, expansive and open to new experiences and we know that if

our body is in pain, or if we’re not moving well or if we are constantly being injured that this

can impede on us from stepping up to these new ways of being.

Often moving through discomfort allows us to grow, to become more resilient and it even allows us to see our life, and situations in our life through a different lens. This is what yin yoga does for us. We have a safe yoga space where we are intentionally feeling discomfort in our body so that we can learn to move through discomfort in our lives. We learn that we have the power to move through anything that is thrown at us.

We often like to think of our yin yoga classes as one big meditation. We remain mindful of

the sensations in our body and the thoughts passing through our mind throughout the entire

class and consistently check in with how we’re feeling. You really need to experience this

practice to truly understand what it’s all about, and we’d love to meet you and guide you

through your practice.

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