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Who ya gonna call?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

HOW TO: Cleanse bad juju.

When I was a kid I would often go to bed and quickly pull the covers over my head when the lights went out. I knew someone was in my room, but no one else could see them.

Ok, that may be an extreme version of ‘bad juju’ but we have all felt it; feeling uncomfortable in a space, walking away from a conversation where someone just dumped all their ‘stuff’ on you, meeting someone and feeling apprehensive or not letting your foot hang over the edge of the bed at night because, well who knows what is living under there!

It was around 11 I started to learn that I could do more than hide under the covers to keep the bad juju at bay.

From feeling like something is ‘off’, to shaking someone else's bad vibes, to getting your ‘who ya gunna call’ *Ghostbusters* are some simple and effective ways to clear out bad juju from houses, workshops and personal space that I have used over my 20plus years of playing and working with energy.

1. Sacred Smoke.

Think Palo Santo (Sth American), Copal (Sth American), Sandalwood (Aust.) & Eucalyptus (Aust.). With the intention to cleanse the space use the smoke of these sacred plants in your room, walk around the edges of your room, getting into the corners or anywhere funky energy may get ‘stuck’. It’s great to start from the front of the house and make your way to the back, to have windows and doors open. Also great to wave around your own body to cleanse your aura/energy field. Palo Santo is great for the physical world cleansing, Copal gets into the higher energy dimensions, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus are great for cleansing and connecting physical and energy worlds. Remember to source sustainably!

2. Light.

Use a candle flame or a light globe and state clearly ‘Here is the source of light, any energy that is not of this high vibration, you must return now.’ Send any funky energy to the light #byefelicia

3. Crystals.

If there is a crystal that you connect with, work with it and don’t worry what the crystal bible says it’s supposed to be good for. The fact that you are vibing with it means it will protect you and assist you in cleansing bad juju. But generally speaking; a selenite wand over a door frame clears energy as it enters, a rose quartz by the bed amplifies love (and good vibes) and draws out any negativity, you can also put the rose quartz in water overnight to amplify it further (be sure to discard the water the next day on Earth, not down the drain!) and clear quartz is a master crystal that will amplify your intentions! In this case cleansing space.

4. Sound.

In its simplest no frills form, clapping. Give the bad juju the clap. Clap along the edges of your room, up the corners and again start from the front of your house and move to the back. The sound moving the energy along. You can also use a sound bowl or a recording of a sound bowl if in a pinch and your hands just aren’t working.

5. Demand and Command.

Straight up tell the energy where to go. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your energy and if something funky is hanging around you can tell it the party is over. Use your own wording of try these statements on for size:

‘I demand and command any energy that is not for my highest good leave immediately.’

‘I demand and command all energy that does not resonate with my being return to the light now.’

‘I demand and command any energy that does not belong to me return to sender.’

You might have your own way of cleansing energy. Perfect, stick with it. At the end of the day these ‘rituals’ are a guide to you trusting your own power. With every aspect of life, physical and non-physical, you will bump into energy that doesn’t 100% resonate with you. Remembering that you have the power to shift it means you don’t have to be afraid, weighed down or overwhelmed. With the above tips and tricks you’re now kinda a big ‘bad juju’ busting deal.

‘Who ya gunna call?’, maybe Ubereats to treat yourself after your busting some bad juju.

Want to learn more about cleansing and holding space? What about tapping into your personal power and meeting your energy guides who can do the juju busting for you? Check out ‘Lean In’, an online course that takes you through energy awareness, meeting your guides, creating energy agreements and much more. Check it out here.

Renée Wilkinson is co-founder of The Open Mind Space, an intuitive, kinesiologist, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and energy healer who has been working with energy and other realms for over 20yrs and working 1on1 with clients for over 10yrs. She has busted her fair share of bad juju.


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