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We Met Our Baby Before We Conceived.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

In some Indigenous cultures a woman will meet the spirit of her baby, hear the call, and then go find the man that is to be that child's father.

We (Renée and Murray) were gifted the opportunity to meet the energy of our baby before we even conceived.

To listen to our full story, head to Episode 7 of our PODCAST or YOUTUBE video sharing our experience.

About a year before meeting Murray, in an overnight meditation experience, spirit guided Renée through her birthing experience. Showed her how calm the birth would be, how supported she would be and that she would be having a girl.

Fast forward to early 2018. We had been dating for about four months, living together for two. Murray had come home from a deep facilitated meditation with an energy mentor wide-eyed. ‘You need to sit down.’ Keep in mind, we had been dating for four months, we were still fresh, ‘ I don’t know how else to say this… we are going to have a child, I just met her, it will be a girl and her name will be …… (we will share her name when she is born!).’

This began Murray on a deep dive of what that name meant. He started to see it pop up in a variety of ancient texts and religions from different parts of the globe, but this is a whole other story.

Early 2019 we had a psychic reading to tune into our relationship, our growing business. A few weeks later we got a message from the reader, ‘I never do this, I only ever talk to clients when they have booked in BUT I have a little girl here who will not leave me alone. If you are not wanting to be pregnant be VERY careful, she will take any opportunity she can.’ (Renée’s response, ‘Murray you need to stay on the other side of the room at all times’ hehe).

So began the influx of synchronicities. The name Murray had been told was showing up EVERYWHERE, with people we were meeting, on the radio, books, EVERYWHERE. This little spark was making her presence very known, she was ready to come into the world.

The magical moment occurred 4/4/2020. The world was in lockdown from COVID-19. This day was significant as 4/4/4 is believed to be when an angel portal opens. Online there were global peace meditations, portal meditations. We spent the morning practicing yoga, listening to a spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and then we were ready to tune in to this global meditation. As many people as possible around the world meditating, connecting, opening.

At that moment all of our technology stopped working. No zoom links would work. The laptop went on the fritz, the internet kept dropping out. We couldn’t connect to ANY of the group meditations. We took it as a sign, we will do our own.

While the whole world meditated and connected to the angel portal, we invited a spark of light into our world.

That night Renée was awoken by a huge golden light. It filled up the whole room, no matter eyes open or closed all she could see was this bright golden energy. ‘Go back to sleep’ it said, ‘if you want this to happen, go back to sleep.’ So that is what she did. In the morning she woke to the clear sound ‘Ma’, which in sanskrit translates to ‘mother’ or ‘divine creation’. She kept this to herself, but knew something had changed.

21st of April a little blue line confirmed, the spark that arrived during the angel portal had settled in and was ready to call Earth home.

A few months later a scan confirmed it was indeed a little girl.

We met the energy of our baby before she was conceived. We can’t wait to meet her in her physical form late Dec 2020. If you are a Mumma-to-Be, are on your conscious conception/fertility journey or simply curious to meet the energy of your own babe join Renée online for ‘Opening Portals’. A deep meditation experience intended to soften the body/mind and energetically connect you to your forthcoming babe. FIND OUT MORE HERE.


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