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Things that go BUMP in the night.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

....the most common sentence we hear before someone asks us a question that leans a little more on the ‘woo woo’ side… ‘I think there is some bad energy in my house. Things keep moving, it sounds like someone is walking the hallway and sometimes it feels like someone is in the room while I am sleeping’. It gives us all the heebie jeebies and may invoke some olde time ghost stories.

Look. Entities, spirits, souls in limbo, they are a thing. Let’s call them lower vibrations and having an encounter with them can be an experience that takes your breath away, maybe even want to keep the night light on. They aren’t necessarily ‘bad’, they are just a little lost. Our fave analogy; check out the movie ‘Monsters Inc’. The monster's city is powered by ‘screams’ so they go to work scaring kids to collect their screams. They end up learning that laughter is actually WAY more powerful than screams and the whole game changes.

These lower vibe entities only know fear as their power source, so they will do what they can to draw that out of you. Really what they need is to be shown love and expansive light. To be reminded that unconditional love is way more fun and may assist them in transitioning out of this limbo/stop walking your hallway.

Next time you feel this lower energy around try this:

⚡ Open windows

⚡ Light a candle, imagine it opening a portal to pure source.

⚡ Light some palo santo/incense if you want

⚡ Repeat (out loud or in your mind) “I demand and command that you now return to the light, your true source. If you do not wish to evolve then I demand and command you leave this space immediately and return from where you came.”

⚡ Repeat as many times as you feel you need to. But once is enough.

⚡ When you blow out the candle imagine the portal closing.

Is it a little woo woo, yup, but up to you if you want to keep sleeping in a room feeling like someone is standing at the end of your bed or not.

‘This might sound weird’... the most common sentence we hear before someone asks us a question that leans a little more on the ‘woo woo’ side… we promise to let you know when it actually gets weird.

Want to learn more about clearing energy and holding space? What about connecting to your spirit guides who can help you do this? Step into your energetic superpowers but joining Renée & Murray, the co-founders of The Open Mind Space on their signature workshop ‘Lean In’ available online.

They will share of 20+ years of knowledge and experience, simple yet deep tips and tricks on how to connect with energy, clear it, and dive deeper into other dimensions! (Told you, we haven’t even scratched the surface of ‘weird’ yet!)


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