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The quickest way to change your mood.

My first job in TV (yes, I used to work in film and tv) was as a ‘runner’, driving actors from studio to location filming. The drive was usually an hour long. Those hours were filled with laughter, deep conversations and every now and again moments of enlightenment that have stuck with me.

This one particular drive, my driving companion was sharing how pissed off they were and needed a quick way to dissipate the anger before going to film a loved up scene.

Enter the quickest way to change your mood, the one word release.

This is best practiced in a moving car, with the music up LOUD (can also be done at home with loud music if you don’t care for your neighbours, or alternatively underwater!).

Think of your most potent word (we all have a pretty common four letter one), take a deep breath in and let that word act like a magnet, drawing all of the ick towards it, then YELL that potent word out as hard, loud and long as you can. You can repeat this several times as needed.

Back to the car ride with my thespian friend, the music went up full ball, the accelerator may have been pressed just a little harder, we both took in a breath and let out an almighty ‘F***********************************’ It was repeated until we were both in fits of laughter.

The one word release. Quickest way to change your mood.


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