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The courage to live your dreams.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Pause for a moment and riddle us this.

What does your dream life look like? Get real descriptive.

Now, why aren’t you choosing that? Go on, tell us all the excuses that your mind presents. It’s not financially secure, I need to finish this other thing first, I don’t know how it will turn out, it’s scary to take the leap.

Next question, what does your dream life FEEL like? If you were to wake up tomorrow and all the desires and wants and dreams existed, what does that FEEL like?

Now what is stopping you from choosing people, places and things that instigate that feeling (or a version of it) in you TODAY?

When we teach manifesting in our online course we focus on the FEELING and getting really clear (plus teach you techniques to move through all the blocks between you and that feeling). But at the end of the day manifesting is having the courage to get really clear on how you want to feel, your vibration, and then have the courage to follow through with it.

Sometimes before the courageous leap is a bubbling of fear. Great. Fear is telling you, you are at your edge, you are about to step into unknown territory, PERFECT. Feel the fear, take a deep breath (or two, max two), lean in and do it anyway.

Have the courage to live your dreams. If you don’t yet have the courage, learn some practical tools to clear the blocks, become decisive, tune into your intuition, how to take some deep ‘oh shit I am about to do this’ breaths and then lean in.

We share some practical tools and techniques in our online courses to simply guide you through the process of manifesting, connecting to your intuition and leaning into the flow of the universe. Ready when you are.


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