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Renée’s Pregnancy & Birth List: Everything you need to know about what she did…

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

This is the blog of how I went about supporting my pregnancy and birth, I am by no means an expert and a lot of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants, guided by intuition and checking in with care providers that aligned with me. That’s the key part, there are so many ways you can go about birth, Murray’s and my preference was a natural birth, so we found people who supported that. This was also possible because I was a low risk, zero complication pregnancy.

Every pregnancy and birth is different. But, if you are looking for some direction, I hope this provides inspiration.



  • Intuitive movement. Sometimes gentle stretching was all I could do, around wk26-30 I was doing daily yoga classes!

  • Intuitive eating, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted it. (I had a week in the throws of morning sickness where Nutella was my primary food source. Zero nutritional value but I could stomach it and it made me feel good).

  • Rest! The slowdown was the hardest part for me but so needed.

  • Prenatal Nutritional Supplement: Foraged For You Mothers Blend

  • Acupuncture twice a week from wk9-wk23 for morning sickness and nose bleeds

  • Chinese Herbs as prescribed by Chinese Doctor for morning sickness and support of baby development.

  • Booked into Belmont Midwifery Group Practice asap (if you want to be a part of a midwifery group practice, register as soon as possible as places fill quickly)

  • From 12wks onwards I had a nightly ritual of rubbing my belly/hips/thighs with Savant Apothecary Body Oil + copaiba essential oil. I didn’t end up with stretch marks (but neither did my Mum so genetics probably helped)

  • From week 20 onwards regular sessions with Osteo Dr Dan Hodgins to keep my body aligned

  • From week 35 onwards Murray and I did perineal massage almost every day. I had no injuries/stitches from birth and believe this helped a lot.

  • From wk35 onwards my smoothies were: 1 cup chilled raspberry leaf tea, 4-6 dates, frozen fruits (varied each day), mothers blend supplement and collagen powder.

  • Organised pre-cooked meals from Janine @theconsciouskitchen_ for postpartum. These came frozen and were a lifesaver for the first few weeks. (I got several friends and family members to chip in as my baby shower present).

  • Organised placenta encapsulation with The Oxytocin Collective


  • Connected with Birthkeeper Jess Etcell for guidance

  • Kinesiology sessions with the wonderful Bernadette O’Connor when the ‘stories’ would come up

  • Both Murray and I did the Hypnobirthing course with Lauren from ‘In Birth and Beyond’ BOTH of us becoming empowered with knowledge of birth and hospital procedures. Murray got a firmer grip of what his role was in birth boosting his confidence, super important for birth partners to be a part of this.

  • From wk 34 I had my birthing playlist and that was all I listened to, to help associate relaxation and calm.

  • Frequent open dialogue with Murray about everything that was going on for me, the waves of emotions. This stopped any guesswork on his part on how to ‘fix’ a lot of things that just needed to be felt (and cried out) by me.

  • Did an online breastfeeding course with Milky Business (education is power and I was able to keep referring back to this course in the early weeks postpartum).


  • regular singing of one song on the Ukulele to my belly (that I now sing to her to help calm her)

  • daily meditation

  • Murray regularly playing the didgeridoo to my belly when she would get active

  • Around wk26 we participated in a ceremony held by our dear friends @mama_white_lion and @spiral.hollowbone to call in baby Sophia’s spirit.

  • Sitting in ceremonies with meditation teachers to release stories around birth, heal family lines and prepare for the journey into motherhood.

  • wk 36 - a baby shower that was focused on reminding me I had a village of women around me ready to support me when I needed.

BIRTH BAG (what I actually used, keep in mind we went home 4hrs after birth, if you are staying in hospital you will need more stuff)

  • Antenatal Records

  • Drink Bottle. I got the Frank Green reusable bottle with straw lid. IT IS LIFE. It made it so easy for Murray to get water into me. He just shoved it in front of my face and I sipped. Hydration is super important during birth and also because I was using the gas (which dries your mouth out). Take aways...make sure you have a straw or a drink bottle with super easy drinking access.

  • Bluetooth Speaker + Birth Playlist on yours and birth partners phone.

  • Chargers for phones/speakers

  • You may want to take a camera… we just used our phones, we made a conscious choice the focus was being present for the birth, not trying to photograph it.

  • Essential Oils (Murray had a tool belt hehe)...clary sage, jasmine, and any other essential oils that relax you (for me that is Doterra’s Adaptive blend). You may need to take a diffuser if your birth space doesn’t supply, make rollers for your oils or Murray ended up putting the clary sage on a tissue and putting it in front of my face to sniff because the sensation on my skin was a no go.

  • Snacks

  • Toiletries: deodorant, toothbrush and paste, moisturiser

  • Lots of Maternity Pads or Absorbing Undies (your birth space may provide)

  • Change of clothes for you and your birth partner

  • Baby’s things; nappies, go home clothes, swaddle



  • REST!

  • Massage oil with copaiba and frankincense oil

  • Perineum Ice Strip (such relief)

  • Maternity pads (stock up!)

  • Comfy undies (I stocked up on Kmart cheapies that I don’t care if they get dirty/I can throw out after)

  • Loose clothes

  • At 4wks 1:1 session with Sonia Brown (Shiatsu)

  • Let everyone else cook for me/heat up the prepped meals.


  • Meditation where possible (usually a few deep breaths in between baby wriggles and cuddles)

  • At 4wks Birth debrief with Jess Etcell

  • Talk/cry it out. Not holding onto thoughts to let them fester.


  • Practicing surrender in each moment.

  • Holding clear and strong boundaries with visitors. We had no one for the first two weeks except family who came over to help clean/let us get some sleep.

Happy journey through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. If you are currently pregnant I would love for you to join me for ‘Opening Portals’ my online pregnancy yoga and meditation immersion you can do in your own time. With modified practices to support your body and assist in connecting you deeper to your baby before they arrive Earthside.


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