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Ready to quit? You might be on the brink of your breakthrough.

When we first step into our self ‘work’, it can be easy to fall into the trap of it’s all rainbows, om shanti’s, crystals and waving smoke round our bodies.

A little bubble burst here, it’s actual work. It gets ugly and uncomfortable the deeper you go as you face the layers of sh*t that you have been avoiding, pushing down or blaming on someone else.

It’s these moments that differentiate between the people who say they are doing the ‘work’ and those you are actually rolling up their sleeves and then crumbling into a heap, only to break through the other side and experience life without the restraints you have created.

If you are ready to quit, to throw it all in, you might just be on the brink of your break through.

-Reach out to a friend

-Take a breather before you do anything rash

-Connect with a therapist who you resonate with (and who will call you on your bs)

-Show up to the yoga class and be all good with crying the whole way through it (damn you pigeon pose).

It is uncomfortable, but our favourite saying is ‘you only have to feel it for 30 seconds, for 3 deep breaths and then it passes’.

Can you handle 30more seconds of discomfort? Can you allow yourself to be supported in that discomfort?

We promise there is something pretty fantastic on the other side.

Keep going. You are on the edge of your breakthrough.


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