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Niyamas: Santosha

Let’s have a look at the second of our Niyamas (inner observances): Santosha.

This Niyama is all about becoming content and being able to come to a place where we feel no sense of lack. We can sit with gratitude for all that we currently have, or all that we currently are, and feel completely at ease.

Iyengar says that ‘contentment and tranquillity are states of mind’. When we consciously or sub-consciously are constantly wanting for ‘more’ or ‘what’s next’ then can we sit with contentment? Can we enjoy each moment as it passes? Can we simply be?

In this world we live in there is a huge focus on self-growth, of leaving behind what we have been and stepping into the next part of who we are becoming. This is AMAZING. We love growth and we love watching people shake off their stories and their limits to become lighter and more joyful versions of themselves.


What if we could just be happy with who we are right now?

What if we could be happy with all we’ve achieved and all we’ve lived through and all we’ve offered the world right up to this moment?

What might it feel like to know, even just for a moment, that we don’t need to strive for more?

It might feel something like contentment ✨


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