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Meditation Myth-Busting

'I need to be still during meditation'

False - the most commonly taught meditation is dropping the body into stillness. BUT, using movement as a point of focus (eg tai chi, swimming , running) can also be considered meditation. (Also if you are practicing sitting, moving your legs if you get pins and needles doesn’t mean you failed.)

‘I am meditating properly once my thoughts go silent’

False - often repetitive internal mantras are used as a meditation technique. We also love a saying a teacher once shared ‘if your thoughts stop when you are meditating, you are probably dead’. Meditation allows you to become aware of your thoughts, not silence them.

'I can hallucinate when meditating'

True - Certain meditation techniques involving breathwork and/or dropping into deep transcendental states can allow advanced practitioners to experience visuals and bodily sensations similar to those experienced whilst on psychedelic substances.

‘There is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to meditate’

True/False - If whatever method you are using creates space for you to relax and reconnect then it isn’t ‘wrong’. However to achieve deep states of meditation it does require discipline and dedication to your practice.


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