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Inmate to Inner Peace : Meet Murray Smith.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

1999, a cold night on the streets with nowhere to go, nothing to keep warm and hungry. At 16, he bleary eyed walked aimlessly through the city not having a wink of sleep, Murray made a promise to himself, whatever it took to never again be in this position.

It was that promise that led him to a life of gangs, crime, drugs, in and out of jail and sitting in front of a judge at 28 staring down the barrel of a 13yr jail sentence.

You develop a set of skills that keep you dissociated from your ‘self’ and ‘safe’ whilst leading a life of crime, living in a high security cell block. You form a character that gets you from A-B in a life where the wrong move could end it.

It was in one of those jail cells, that an epiphany struck Murray. He felt ‘spirit’ enter him and he realised, this character he created wasn’t actually him, it wasn’t what he was meant to be in life. But what do you do now you are here?

It takes courage to say ‘I was wrong’, discipline to commit to new habits, vulnerability to try different and the willingness to lean into discomfort as you dance with shame, guilt, and regret.

From when Murray left jail there was a pendulum he swung upon. Swinging towards change, a ‘straight’ life, then back to old habits. It was a long process. But with determination, more often than not, he could persuade the pendulum to spend a little longer in the space of freedom.

Through yoga, self enquiry, meditation practices, being in ceremonial spaces, commitment to movement practices and having honest conversations Murray created change. Great change. He began to create a life that felt like ‘him’. One where he didn’t have to hide in the shadows, where he didn’t have to numb.

Of the people that leave jail, there is a small percentage that reform. An even smaller percentage that go on to start helping others create great change in their life.

Murray is proud of what he has achieved, it hasn’t been easy, but so worth it.

It is through his years of experience, sitting in the discomfort, leaning into the tough moments and committing to taking aligned action that Murray has gained the knowledge and ability to guide you through the journey to create the life you wish to live.

‘I don’t want to tell you it’s possible, I want to show you’ - Murray.

Murray Smith is a breath work facilitator, body worker, energy healer, surfer, cross-fitter, yoga teacher, loving Father and Husband. Passionate about men's mental health, embodying healthy masculinity in spirituality, movement practices and doing what it takes to live in alignment.


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