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If you want it, you have already missed it.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Simply, if you are putting out the energy of desire and want, you are telling the Universe that you are in lack because you don’t have it. You are saying ‘my vibration is out of resonance with that thing over there which my ego is telling me I should have’.

How to change that? Focus on the feeling, the vibration, the resonance of the desire. The energetic make-up behind the material experience.

Focus on the here and now. On finding and amplifying that feeling right here. Right now.

The quicker you can master your inner world to align with wholeness, freedom, expansion and connection to a greater source, the quicker the material world will start to manifest itself to align with YOU.

Feeling first, the world around you will follow.

We dive deeper into the world of flow, energetic alignment and desire creation in our online course ‘Cracking The Manifesting Code’. Sign up now to learn the simple tools to eliminate the want and experience the expansion.


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