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I think my Chakras are blocked? 4 easy ways to fix it.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Ever been to a psychic or an energy healer, have them tell you, ‘hmmmm, this chakra is blocked,’ or ‘once your ____ chakra is activated life will change’. Walk away going, ‘great, what do I do with that?’

You can go see someone about it, or you can totally realign, unblock and activate your chakras yourself.

If you have never heard of a Chakra before, it is a focus point of energy in your body. There are believed to be 7 main chakras along your midline and HUNDREDS of smaller chakras throughout your body.

Each of these 7 main chakras are connected to colours, organs, aspects of life; so if one is ‘blocked’ it may have a direct effect on the corresponding organ or thought pattern.

So let’s get to HOW you can unblock them:

1: Visualisation - imagine the chakra, see its colour and what it feels like, then start to imagine it being switched on like a light bulb. The brighter it glows the clearer it becomes. Imagine it slowly moving to the midline of your body and finding its ‘sweet spot’. You can do one chakra at a time or move through all of them. Guided meditations can be great for this.

2: Your Healing Hands - You know when you hurt yourself you instinctively put your hands on the ouch? You have a healing touch. Put your hands where the chakra should be and imagine sending a bright golden light from the palm of your hands into that chakra point.

3: Breathwork - Breathwork is great for cleansing so much in the body, chakras included. If you have a fave style of breathwork, use it. Our suggestion of chakras; take 3x deep breaths (no exhale) into the chakra area, imagine your breathe blowing it up like a balloon. Exhale/sigh out of your mouth and imagine the exhale carrying out any debris that no longer serves.

4: Movement - Each yoga asana is designed to work with energy lines and chakras. So get onto your mat and spend a min of 5x deeps breaths in each pose to clear and activate. Yin is a great practice for chakra cleansing.

Want a helping hand? Head to our online courses where we have a Chakra Meditation package and a Journey Through The Chakras Yin package designed to assist you in clearing, activating and further understanding your chakras.


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