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How to MEDITATE (and how you CAN'T do it wrong)..

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

‘Not like that! You need to sit like me and if you use any other techniques than what we have covered, you have failed'….... that was when I knew I had found the wrong meditation teacher.

It is becoming common knowledge that meditation has so many benefits physically (lowers adrenaline), mentally (teaches you to focus), emotionally (time to process) and spiritually (connection to higher self). So why do you have so much damn resistance to it every time you try to start?

First up, cut yourself some slack, I (Renée) have been practicing meditation for 20yrs now, I am fully conscious of its benefits, how I will feel after, and I still have days of total resistance, busy mind and fidgeting. It means I’m human and I am practicing.

Meditation in its most basic form is a practice that allows you to draw your focus to a single point. There are many styles, philosophies and ways to meditate but ultimately you need to play with what resonates with you. You may start with 2min a day and over time that may evolve into 20min several times a day. Some people need a strict protocol, others freedom to explore. Here are some ways you can start to meditate:

1/Guided Meditation:

Someone talking you through a visualisation, keeps your monkey mind distracted and takes away any pressure of you figuring out what to do next. We have a bunch of guided meditations on our online platform or check our Insight Timer, a free phone app. Our fave guided meditations come from Dr Joe Dispenza.


A simple 4 count inhale, 4 count exhale is great. It gives your mind a point of focus, allows your body to relax. Can be done sitting or lying down.


Again a point of focus for the mind. You can create your own that you repeat internally or out loud. A great sanskrit mantra is ‘So Hum’ (I AM). Sit comfortably, close your eyes, on your inhale ‘So’, exhale ‘Hum’.

4/Conscious Movement:

Runners and Surfers will share when they are ‘in’ the zone, everything else falls away, the movement becomes a meditation. The movement can be yoga, surfing, swimming anything that allows you to slip into that flow state.

There are plenty of schools of meditation and you may feel a pull towards one but the above are great places to start exploring on your own. Meditation can be a place to reset mind/body but it can also be a tool to dive deeper into Universal realms. The beauty is, you can’t do it ‘wrong’, BUT you do need to keep showing up.

If you are curious about a meditation practice, commit to 10 days, the same time each day, perhaps journal how you feel after each meditation and see where you end up.


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