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What is "Flow and Release" Yoga?

Where Open Vinyasa and Yin yoga meet. The Flow and Release yoga classes in our

Newcastle yoga studio are absolute pure bliss. Find a flow and release yoga class on the timetable here.

We know that there are many people in our community who are time poor and are on the lookout for a yoga class that suits their busy days. These Flow and Release classes are the perfect class for people who are not able to attend every day, but who’d like to experience the benefits of both a vinyasa flow, and the more subtle yin yoga classes.

Similar in structure to our Open classes, the Flow and Release class will allow you to move

your body, work with your breath and find space to meditate. The difference is that half of

this class is focused on movement and the other class is focused on stillness. It’s the best of

both worlds and it’s hard to describe just how amazing it feels until you’ve experienced it for


The Flow and Release class is an all-levels yoga class in Newcastle that caters to anyone

who is looking for a deeper experience. Our qualified and experienced teachers are here to

ensure that your yoga class is safe, enjoyable and supportive for anyone, whether you are

just starting out in yoga or if you’ve lost count of how long you’ve been practicing.

You can be assured that you’ll be taken care of here at The Open Mind Space in

Broadmeadow when you take the time to out of your days to join us with our open vinyasa,

yin yoga, meditation and pranayama classes. It’s truly the best of both (all) worlds and we

look forward to having you in our yoga classes.


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