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Ep 41: As You Grow, Friends May Go

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Many Paths to Designing Your Dream Life | Renee and Murray on the beach

It’s completely natural and normal for you to grow... and for your friendships to evolve as you do so.

In her earlier years, Renee battled against the conditioning that society pushes on us that just because you may have been friends with someone for a certain period of time, or been through a certain event together, that it means you have to stay friends forever.

Sure; friendships go through moments of needing ‘work’, open conversations and sometimes new boundaries – just like any type of relationship. But there are also times when it’s important to recognise and know when a friendship, through no fault of either party, has run its course.

In this episode, Renee and Murray share their experiences of the natural evolution of friendships, and also candidly own the roles they have previously played in not supporting (or letting go of) friendships when needed – because we all know, it takes two to tango!

The thing that we want to emphasise here is the importance, as you grow, of fully embodying your authentic self in order for the people in your world to connect more deeply with you; and you with them.

The more authentic you become, the more you attract the friendships that will fulfil and support you.

The more you sit in that fear of losing friendships, or of not being liked, the smaller you keep yourself.

To Renee and Murray, the biggest sign of a true and supportive friendship is a lack of expectations coupled with the presence of boundaries; it's in that space of not requiring the other to fulfil anything for you that support can flow with the greatest ease.

Have you noticed how as you grow, some of your friendships may end, while new, supportive ones might flourish? We'd love to hear from you!

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