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Ep 37: Intuition | 'Am I Just Making It Up'?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Intuition | 'Am I Just Making It Up?'

The number one question Renee is asked when working with people around their intuition is, "What if I am just making it up — how do I know if it's real or my imagination?".

Here's the thing: you are making it up, it is your imagination (at least to start with), and it's SUPER important that your imagination is present on this journey.

Your imagination bridges your conscious mind to the 'other' worlds or realms out there. Your imagination is helping you to interpret and comprehend the information coming through from The Universe, your guides and the energy waiting for you.

When you drop into your meditation, get your intuitive 'hits', channel, let it be MESSY and feel a little weird and clunky (aka non-sensical and non-linear), and truly let your imagination run wild (release the restrictions around what it 'should' look like)... you make space for what it actually is to show up.

Your intuition and your spiritual channel are muscles to tone; a skill set you need to practice to refine. So, at first, it might feel a little clunky and awkward. Eventually, over time, it will become not only clearer to receive and easier to interpret the messages your intuition sends you, but you will also learn to TRUST it so much more. But, just like it takes time and practice to enhance your intuition, it will also take time to build that trust - so just start.

When Renee first started to share her intuitive hits (mind you, self-consciously and very quietly at that time), the first thing she would ask herself was, "Is what I am about to share going to cause harm?" For Renee, as long as there is no intention to harm, and as long as you have received consent from the person you are sharing your message with... then so what if you ARE making it up?

Maybe you sharing that made-up thing will bring a little light into someone's life.... and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

If you would like to find out more about embracing, enhancing and interpreting your intuition, join one of our online classes or on-demand courses:

You can also reach out to Renee for 1:1 mentorship, or join her at our monthly Initiation Retreat where you'll spend an entire weekend diving in together at our beautiful Sunquncha Temple!


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