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Ep 33: When Your 9-5 is in a Whole Other Dimension | Navigating Other Realms

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

This is a bit of a continuation of our last podcast episode and posts on what we believe to be true when we cross over: when our body dies, and we become 'spirit'. So, if you haven't already listened to or read that one, start there!

And then Renee invites you to take a moment to actively suspend your field of belief, and read (/listen to) what comes next with an open mind... Because we're talking about the work that we (Renee and Murray) do that is beyond and outside of the 3D realm.

Our "9-5", physical work is in the astral realm - Murray's breathwork, Renee's kinesiology, The Open Mind Space, Sunquncha Temple, and integrating our little Sophia into a human - and centres around helping others. But then our 'night shift' involves dropping into altered states of consciousness, through meditation, together, and assisting spirits, energies and entities in the other realm with whatever it is that we are directed to do.

A lot of our work in the other realm has been around helping spirits in crossing over. Murray vividly remembers physically sitting here, in this 3D world, while energetically dropping into that other realm to hold space for those spirits crossing over. Renee imagined it (and, note: imagination is key with all meditative work!) as being given a task and directive by higher energies/consciousness/source/the Universe and opening these star gates to the next portal in the 'waiting room' with their combined energy to help spirits cross over, ensuring their comfort and safety in the process.

And we have an agreement in place. In exchange for our 'night shift' work, we receive support, in whatever form that may look like: often more flow and abundance in life. While we receive during our meditations, our end of the bargain is to deliver and channel the energy and learnings from that other realm here too.

We can both recall working with two particular spirits during our 'night shift' work, when not aiding other spirits in their crossing over. Ashkaya was one of the most profound energies we worked with, and she gave us many lessons (some quite harsh!) - it was like going to school, with so much information and so many downloads in exchange for life upgrades. Meanwhile, our work with Soulistar during lockdown was more gentle guidance, and we were shown and taught ways to support others in the physical realm during that challenging time.

When people are called from their corporate, standard 9-5 jobs to a career in alternative health, Renee always reminds them that everything is an energy exchange: money, gifts, experience, knowledge - and not just from people, but from the Universe too. In her sessions, Renee always invites not just humans in; other energies and entities are also invited to receive what it is they need, and they offer support, flow, ideas, inspiration and open doors instead of money in exchange.

If you want to become an energy worker or healer, you need to become very comfortable with navigating realms beyond the physical. You need to meditate, meet your guides, and go exploring. And not just through plant medicine, but through daily meditative practice (ideally beyond guided meditation - maybe meditating to some music without words, or in nature), sitting in space with the intention of meeting your guides. You will need a guide/s!

Start with a physical guide (i.e. a guided meditation, or a meditation group). This guide will teach you how to look after your physical being - how to stay safe and grounded, and how to pull yourself back in if you go too far - but also how to facilitate your conscious mind and imagination to start to travel towards, and be open to receiving another realm. Renee perceives herself as a physical guide taking people to "the departure gate", and handing them over to their next guide (the captain, or flight attendant) in the next realm, who will school them and show them where to go, what to navigate, how to move through it, and the etiquette to follow.

A really important to note here is to not use Ouija boards to meet your guides - this calls in trickster energies with an intention to harm. Choose the door you walk through carefully! Renee speaks about meeting and surrendering to your guides in her immersion, Awaken the Witches, and the importance of always asking, "Do I feel safe?" in this process.

So there you have it. Get comfortable with the expansion and euphoria that comes from deep meditation, but also the discomfort (the squeeze, the washing machine cycle sensation), and learn to navigate it.

If you want to learn how to navigate those spaces, we are here for you! Lucid dreaming, deep meditation, connection with guides - these are all things you can learn, and that we can teach you (and then, ultimately help you to surrender to your guides).

Your surrendered state of belief can now return... until next time! 😉


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