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Ep 29: The Importance of Celebration

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

If you’ve listened to our last couple of episodes (here + here), you’ll know that this month has a been a huge month of celebration: our own birthdays, The Open Mind Space and Sunquncha’s birthdays, and even some of our teachers’ birthdays!

This month also sees the new moon solar eclipse (today!) in Aries, and, as Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, we can also celebrate a new astrological year and the start of a new phase.

So, in this episode, we talk about the importance of celebrating.

This has been somewhat of a personal struggle for Renee over the years. Remembering when she first started working with her business mentor, Tammy Guest, Tammy would encourage celebrating Renee’s recent wins at the start of each session… and Renee would feel totally stumped. Stuck in a perfectionist mindset, Renee couldn’t see getting 2 new clients as a win, because her goal was to get 10.

Now, years later, Renee understands the importance of celebrating wins along the way. In business especially, the to-do list is never-ending, there’s always another goal to be working towards, and, as Murray says, the goalposts are forever moving.

And so, we want to share with you the value in acknowledging your wins along the way, as a nod to completion before beginning the next thing. In doing so, we make the journey feel good – otherwise, it feels like a slog, and you start to lose your passion. And not only will the journey feel better this way, but so will your nervous system!

We encourage you to invite celebration into your daily life. A high-five, a “well done”, or a sneaky juice 😉

But also by taking one day in a week to do something for yourself to celebrate your wins of the week. And, maybe, once a month doing something a bit bigger, once a quarter something bigger still, and once a year something really big!

Celebration creates a foundation of what’s actually occurring. For example, at the VIP Day in February this year, Renee realised that she hadn’t taken a moment to celebrate what we’d achieved – especially after the past few years of having to constantly pivot (thanks to a certain pandemic and global lockdown, plus our choice to expand our business at the same time). Suddenly talking to Tammy on the day about her accomplishments, each one felt surreal. But taking that opportunity to acknowledge each one finally made it real.

Start to look forward to celebrating your goals instead of just looking ahead at the next ‘to-do’. In fact, take a moment now.

What’s been a win for you this week? Today, even?

What are you moving closer towards? And can you celebrate getting closer to whatever that is, even if you’ve not ticked ‘the box’ yet?

Also look at how you can foster a culture of celebration. Celebrate others’ wins! Doing so won’t take anything else away from you – in fact, when we surround ourselves with people who are winning, we’re more likely to win, too! And don’t forget to celebrate your wins with your people as well.

So, celebrate you. We’d both like to congratulate you on all you’ve achieved so far 😊


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