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Ep 26: In the pursuit of balance

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

What is this 'balance' that we are all searching for?

Recently we’ve been working with the theme of change – how to move through it, and how to support yourself in the process. And something Murray has witnessed, both in our clients and the world more broadly, is the idea and pursuit of “balance”. The fairy tale.

So often people come to us asking how we achieve balance. And Murray will always internally chuckle; everyone believes we live a balanced life, but we are juggling four businesses, a family, and a farm!

It’s very rare that anyone can actually achieve balance – that ‘perfect world’ picture of spending a certain amount of time on certain things just doesn’t exist. The pursuit of balance – much like the pursuit of happiness – is a pursuit of something that just does not exist. And especially when we’re looking for balance externally.

So, we encourage you to start by asking yourself: what is balance? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who told you a story about what balance is, and how it looks and feels?

Really reflect here on what the sensation and experience of balance looks and feels like, to you specifically. Identify the feeling, meditate with it, and acknowledge what in your inner and outer world is currently enabling or blocking it (down to the specific actions and priorities). Renee often speaks about swapping the word ‘balance’ for ‘alignment’, and so consider and acknowledge here which factors are pushing you out of alignment, and redirect, delegate, reach out for support (like we recently have!).

Let go of the myth of ‘balance’. Instead, give yourself the permission and self-compassion to just be. Without guilt or shame. Practice mindfulness, meditate, and work on releasing tension from your nervous system. As Murray says, “your body will always tell you what needs to change”. You must start within yourself by adjusting your internal world to embody that sensation of balance and alignment. Always come back to you.

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