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Do Business Different.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have a business meeting with the Universe.

We built a successful business in under a year. One that not only survived but THRIVED during the ‘pandemic’. Every move we made led to only bigger and better things and there was zero guess work involved. We KNEW how and when to make our moves.

Do you run your own business? Constant decision making, seeking the right help, it can sometimes all be a little overwhelming.

We are going to let you in on a lil secret. We (Renee & Murray), don’t actually make the decisions for our business, The Open Mind Space. The Universe does.

Before your head goes into a proper spin, we are responsible for taking action, for following through and readjusting as needed. No we are not airy fairy happy clappers. Our feet are firmly on the ground, we have a drive to create and a strong work ethic. But when it comes to finalising the timetable, what teachers to bring into the space, what workshops to run and when, how much to charge, who to reach out to for help… we sit down and have a business meeting with the Universe.

How do we talk to it? We 100% rely on muscle testing (you will have to do one of our online courses to learn all about this INCREDIBLE tool and how it creates clear confirmation of intuitive or unconscious knowings).

This isn’t about us giving our power away, but rather relying on an intelligence that is beyond what our limited minds can see in front of us. The Universe (or your higher self) can see the whole map from up above while our human minds are IN the map stuck on what is directly in front. Our lil human brains struggle to detach from expectations and desire so we zone in on ‘this is how it HAS to be done’ rather than leaning back and seeing (read trusting) a bigger picture.

So we sit down/meditate, connect with our higher selves/ The Universe and ask specific yes/no questions that we muscle test (we teach you this in all Cracking Manifesting Code & Awaken Your Intuition), once we get the answer, even (and especially) if it doesn’t make logical sense, we follow through.

This way of running our business is soooo far outside of what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing. It has left our accountant scratching his head, family looking through closed eyes as we take financial ‘risks’ and clients saying ‘how did you know that is exactly what I was after’.

This way of running our business led to an outdoor beach meditation that attracted over 600ppl in one sitting, an open day in 2019 that had over 200ppl walk through our door on that day alone. Workshop after workshop selling out. Having an online platform ready to go within 24hrs of having to physically shut down in March 2020 (we often get asked how we did it so quick, we had 4 days notice from our Universal business meeting to start making and doing it NOW) and most importantly it has connected us to a community of incredible people which we are so grateful to have in our life.

We share this because our Universal business meetings are our cheat sheet, they take out ALL the guesswork, brain power and fear of trying to ‘get it right’. It has taken practice but we have full trust in our processes, as weird and wonderful as they may seem, they haven’t led us astray. We have been able to live a life in flow, a life where every day we look at each other and go ‘how f****ing amazing is life, how lucky are we to be living like this?!’

We share this because it is easy and you can do it too. If you run a business and want to take out the guesswork, if you are open to a hint (maybe a little more than a hint) or woo woo, then you need to invest in the online courses we have on offer. If only to learn muscle testing and nothing else. It will change your world.

Check out our online courses here you can do just one or all three (for starting muscle testing head to The Practical Guide to Manifesting.) Throughout all three courses we share the simple tools and techniques we use in our every day to create a life that we still pinch ourselves for having.


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