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Dark Night of the Soul

It takes pure bravery and courage to walk head on into a dark night of the soul.

These are the moments in life when it feels like the world as you know it is coming to an end, things aren’t making sense, you are on the precipice of great change, if you choose to move forward. To move forward often is to face parts of yourself you have been avoiding. These moments can arise naturally or in some traditions can be induced with plant medicine rituals.

This time in your spiritual journey is significant, it gives you the opportunity to recalibrate. The grace and discipline you give yourself in these moments will determine with how much ease you can move through it.

When a dark night of the soul comes around it can feel intense, hopeless and out of your control. Rarely is it comfortable. But great change never truly is.

As you find yourself facing your inner world know this...all things pass. There is always a beginning, middle and end. You always have a choice. Your breath is a powerful tool, use it.

Through your dark night comes great learning about self and your world. It leads to awakening, remembering.

It is a gift, as much as it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. But on the other side lies a freedom that is well earnt.

We are honoured to witness and hold space for many who choose to voyage into their dark night within our walls. To share tools that may help, to listen and to cheer on when you find the crack of light on the other side.

Come exactly as you are.


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