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'Be the Embodied Flow of the Universe' ✨

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

‘We are one’... great but what does that mean?

The concept of ‘we are one’ often needs to be experienced rather than logically broken down. Even if just for a moment. When the sweet nectar of ‘oneness’ drops on our tongue we become hungry for more.

How to experience ‘oneness’? It starts with discipline. Showing up to your practices when your mind is fighting you not to.

It continues with facing your ‘stuff’ as it arises instead of shying away.

It expands when you reach out for help in the sticky moments.

‘Oneness’ has been philosophized and pulled apart but no one will experience it how you do. So keep showing up and getting a taste of it, in the pause after your exhale, in the silence in between thoughts, in the moment of Savasana right before you are asked to come back.

To be one with the flow of the Universe is to live a life of ease (not necessarily an easy life), it is to be tuned into the synchronicities and connected to the moments of magic.

We explore more of how to embody the flow of the Universe in our online course ‘The Practical Guide to Manifesting’. Simple, practical explanations and exercises to tap into something so intangibly wonderful. Sign up now to start the course.


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