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Anxiety: The distance between where you are and where you ‘should’ be.

Anxiety serves a purpose. It lets us know something is out of alignment. It can be a little niggle or an overwhelming landslide. It can show up for many varied reasons.

Here’s a thought; what if anxiety was a sensation representing the distance between where you are in this moment and an attachment to where you think you ‘should’ be?

You’re working a job that isn’t fulfilling, feeling disconnected in your relationship and by this age you thought you would have that 6-7 figure biz and be married. There is a gap between what is and an attachment to what ‘should be’.

Recently you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you and thought (or others are telling you) you should be over it by now. But there are still so many unresolved feelings. There is a gap between where you are and where you ‘should be’.

That underlying anxiety may be telling you something is off, and it's not that you are in the wrong place. You are in exactly the right place, but perhaps you are so focused on the story of where you ‘should be’, you are missing the magic in this moment. P.S. the magic can sometimes be sticky and uncomfortable, still magic though.

So what to do? Depending on the intensity of your anxiety, you may seek help from a professional (psychologist, counsellor, alternative therapist), you may reach out to a friend to verbalise it, you may move it out (hello yoga!) or if you catch it yourself, you may thank it.

Yup, thank your anxiety for showing up. Don’t push it away or try to fight it off. Welcome it in with open arms and say ‘thank you for showing me something is out of alignment, there is something I am not paying attention to and I need to take stock’.

You are exactly where you need to be, anxiety serves a purpose if you take a moment to listen.


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