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4 Ways to Support Your Intuitive Child

So your precious little one is sharing about dreams they are having, people they are seeing at night, information that they possibly couldn’t know otherwise. It seems like that are picking up on something beyond our physical world and you may feel way over your head.

Reading this is a great first step. You aren’t expected to have all the answers but here are some ways you can easily support your intuitive child;

1- Believe them.

Just because you can’t sense what they can doesn’t mean you can dismiss it. Listen to them and ask them questions as if what they are experiencing is very real. With that information you can reach out to an intuitive healer/energy worker and ask for their assistance in further understanding what is happening.

2-Create a safe space.

Sensing something beyond our world can be super overwhelming for adults, so imagine being a kid trying to make sense of it all! With your child create a safe space first physically and then energetically/mentally.

Physically: take them to their bedroom and together imagine the room filled with bright white light so only the good stuff can come in, or pick a special crystal to stay by their bed to protect them.

Energetically: ask them to think of someone who they feel safe with, it could be someone real or imaginary (like their favourite superhero character or an animal), then together imagine that someone standing guard next to them all the time and protecting them, let your child know they can ask for their guardians help whenever they want.

3-Teach them.

Teach them how to energetically protect themselves like above with a white bubble or a guardian. Teach them how to take deep breaths to calm down (or even to meditate if they have the attention span). Teach them to talk with what they are seeing or that they can tell them to go away and if you aren’t sure what/how to teach them, reach out to someone who has a little more knowledge in the area.

4-Reach out to a professional.

Reach out to an energy healer/intuitive that works with kids. Book in a session so your child can ask all the questions they want to and have someone else who gets it explain things to them. It is honestly invaluable.

I (Renee) have been intuitive since I can remember, and I am so grateful that my parents, even though they didn’t really know much about it all, didn’t dismiss what I was saying and rather supported me in learning more about these gifts. They reached out to other intuitive adults to teach and guide me through and it helped me understand what was happening and to hone my gifts in.

If you think you have an intuitive child, start with the above and encourage them to grow what is going to be one of their most invaluable life skills.

If you want to know more you can always reach out to us at The OM Space!


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