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3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Life with the Power of Plants

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

For centuries plants have been used for human wellbeing; to heal and enhance the human experience. They hold chemical compounds which react with our own and some plants are traditionally known to host a ‘spirit’ which impart knowledge.

We aren’t experts in this field, but we (Renée & Murray) have spent time sitting with and learning about certain plant medicines. From these experiences we have learnt to respect the spirits within them and to invite them to enhance our everyday life.

1: Daily Ceremonial Cacao:

Cacao is a heart opener and energizer. It comes with a feminine spirit (Madre Cacao) that when you sit with intention (in ceremony or meditation) she will guide and unveil inspiration. Murray and Renee have a cacao every morning then drop into their daily meditation practice. Be sure to source Ceremonial Grade Cacao (be mindful supermarket/bulk store ‘raw cacao’ may be highly processed AND contain heavy metals.)

We stock and personally use daily Kakao Ceremonial Pure Cacao because it is a non-for-profit organisation that supports the indigenous farming of cacao in Peru. It is also one of very few companies that test and ensure there are no heavy metals present in the final product.

MORNING CACAO (strong for heart opening meditation)

2x tablespoons Cacao

250ml boiling water

Honey to taste (½ teaspoon for us)

Blend with hand blender

To taste you may want to add: coconut milk, salt, cayenne pepper or vanilla

For a boost you may want to add: MCT oil, mushroom extracts.

2: Daily Mushrooms: (not the magic kind though there is a lot to be explored in studies around microdosing)

Mushroom extracts added to your morning smoothies/cacao/coffee and evening tea can help support your body immensely. Lions Mane invites focus and attention, Reishi helps you relax, Turkey Tail boosts immunity, Chaga is an all round king of mushrooms (nicknamed mushroom gold).

We use Lifecykel because they are Australian and have a unique extraction process that ensures you are getting the most out of your mushrooms.


chaga, turkey tail and cordyceps in cacao/coffee


Lions mane and reishi in sleepy time + chamomile tea.

3: Essential Oils:

When used correctly essential oils can assist you physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually. As with all powerful plants it is important to find pure essential oils that are sourced ethically. Oils can be used in diffusers to serve rooms, applied topically (with carrier oils, dilution necessary and depends on individual circumstances) and can be utilized as low-tox cleaning products in your home.

Try these blends we use at the space every day, use in a diffuser or make a roller with a carrier oil (eg fractionated coconut oil).


For awakening mind, opening up airways and protection from bugs and bad juju.

Peppermint, Easy Air* and OnGuard*


For grounding and calming, connecting to your energetic self in mindful practices. Bergamot, Cedarwood and Lavender

*DoTerra blends, we stock in studio or can help you with a wholesale account for you to direct purchase!

N.B: This is not a sponsored post, we genuinely use and love these products in our daily lives and have done so for at least 18months. You can find all of these products in studio, click here to see the full range.


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