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2nd Limb of Yoga: Niyamas

We’ve been through the Yamas, now it’s time we turn our attention to the Niyamas. These are the 2nd limb described in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga.

The Niyamas can be thought of as inner observances which can be used to help us to build discipline and character. In his book ‘Light on Yoga’, Iyengar calls these rules of conduct that apply to an individual, as opposed to the Yamas which are ethical disciplines and rules for the morality of a society as a whole. You can, of course, take the word ‘rules’ with a grain of salt.

The 5 Niyamas are:

🌿 Saucha (purity/cleanliness)

🌿 Santosha (contentment)

🌿 Tapas (discipline)

🌿 Svadhyaya (self-study)

🌿 Isvara Pranidhana (surrender to a higher power)

If you want to learn more about these Niyamas, we have more info on its way in future posts. Stay tuned! 🌿


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