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Do you have Intuitive Superpowers?

Short answer: YES.

We all have Intuitive Superpowers to some degree.


You may not have a crystal ball, but perhaps you know when someone isn’t telling the truth, or you get the urge to ring a friend only to hear ‘I was JUST thinking about you”.




You may also be able to summon magic and we are down for that too.

So, what are YOUR Intuitive Superpowers?


Take the short quiz below to find out.

Gradient Strip

The Intuitive Superpowers Quiz

Keep track of which option you choose (a, b, c or d) for each each question and scroll down to see your results.

When talking to friends you often experience:

    a. Seeing what they are talking about. As if a movie is playing out.

    b. Feeling the emotions they are sharing in your own body.

    c. Hearing, in your mind, ways to answer or help them.

    d. A gut feeling that what they are talking about is true. 


When making a decision you often:

    a. Rely on envisioning the final outcome.

    b. Wait for the goosebumps or shivers to know the choice to make.

    c. Trust when you hear the ‘yes, do this’.

    d. Trust what ‘feels’ right.

When it comes to solving a problem:

    a. You need to see or draw out the next step.

    b. You choose the solution that simply feels right.

    c. You hear what to do next. 

    d. You know the ‘right’ choice because you become lighter.

You know it's time to make a change when:

    a. You get an image of inspiration flash before your eyes.

    b. You start to get physically ill or in pain when you keep going to the same place/person.

    c. You keep hearing ‘stop’, ‘change’, ‘what about’ in your mind.

    d. Your gut is in knots whenever you go to do the ‘thing’ or see the person.


You have experienced (once or many times):

    a. Seeing things that aren’t actually there.

    b. Being hit with an emotion that doesn’t make any sense to your current situation.

    c. Hearing someone talk but no one else did.

    d. Feeling like someone or something is around but can’t see anything.

Above the Clouds

What kind of Superpowers do YOU have?

Mostly A

Clairvoyance: clear seeing (third eye), like watching a little move in your head. It may not be the future, it may just be an image that has a meaning for you. It can be obvious like a full scene or it can be more subtle, a colour, number, symbol. You may see it only in your mind or you may see it as an overlay on the world around you. You are great at interpreting symbols and reading between the lines and helping others see the vision for healing/future, remember not to become attached to having to live out EXACTLY what you see though.


Mostly B

Clairsentience: clear feeling (empath), receiving intuitive messages via feelings, emotions or physical sensations in your body. It may be easy for you to feel the emotions of others without them saying anything. You are great at connecting with others on a deeper level, as if you have always known them. This gift can help you with healing others, be careful not to take on their stuff though!


Mostly C

Clairaudience: clear hearing, this is not with your physical ears (although sometimes it may seem like it). This can ‘sound’ like your own inner voice eg when you read to yourself, but it will be thoughts or information that you don't consciously know or is not ‘yours’. It can also sound like a whisper or like someone else said something (but no one in the real world did!). Sometimes this can sound like a high pitched ringing or buzz in the ears, ask the energy to change the frequency so you can understand it better!

Mostly D

Claircognizance: clear knowing. The ability to just know something without logic or facts. You may experience this as a ‘gut feeling’. Eg when you meet someone for the first time and don’t trust them for no immediately obvious reason. This is a superpower that is great to practice and trust. It can be a little more subtle than the others but when you tune in can be infallible.

Purple Planet

Are you ready to further awaken your Intuitive Superpowers?

If you're ready to fine tune your intuitive superpowers and use them as a way to hack the mainframe of your everyday life join Renée Wilkinson & Murray Smith for ‘Awaken Your Intuition’ an online course, to do in your own time, that will assist you in tapping into your superpowers, connecting you to your guides. 


Your intuition can give you a one up in the world, leading you to make sense of all the ‘coincidences’, be in the right place at the right time, so why not start training it now? 


Check out ‘Awaken Your Intuition’ here.


Renée and Murray are co-founders of The Open Mind Space, a space dedicated to sharing and making spiritual knowledge tips and tricks easily accessible to all.


Their mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity through offering their experience, education and service in energy healing, intuitive mentoring, yoga, kinesiology, bodywork, workshops and more. 

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