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The Open Mind Space Podcast.

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Episode 1

Hear about Murray's story, from drug and alcohol addiction, gangs and jail time in what he calls 'BY' (Before Yoga) to how he turned his life around to now run a successful wellness and yoga centre (The Open Mind Space). An inspiring story or creating a fulfilling life from rock bottom. 

Episode 2

Meet Renee, intuitive from a young age, hear how she tried to ignore her intuition, created a career behind the scenes in Australian TV dramas such as Home and Away, Doctor Doctor, only to have her life come crashing to ground zero due to an assault. Her rebuild realigned her to her purpose and ultimately the creation of The OM Space.

Episode 3

Meet Brett Campton, a member of The Open Mind Space, a drug and alcohol counsellor and a friend of Murray's from way back. Murray and Brett share their journey's through addiction, recovery and how yoga, meditation and spirituality led them to the fulfilling lives they have today.

Episode 4

Murray and Renée chat about their personal experiences with manifesting. From starting off with vision boards, manifesting trips overseas to finding each other and in under two years manifesting a successful business, relationship, community and lifestyle.

Episode 5

It is easy to get caught up in the dogma of a practice, "You're not a true yogi if you're not vegan", "you must eat only these foods to reach enlightenment". None considering the individuals bodies needs. We dive into nutrition and spiritual practices with Nutrition Sciences Student (& member of The O.M Space) Jennah Mathiesen aka @spiritednutrition

Episode 6

In this ep we talk to Dr Dan Hodgins of Elements Osteo about how body awareness and seeking assistance from a practitioner can not only improve current injuries but prevent further injury and give you knowledge to individualise your practice. Find out more about Dr Dan

Episode 7

Our journey from meeting the energy of our baby when we first started dating, to conception to being 27wk pregnant.

Episode 8

4 weeks later and we are ready to share with you the story of our natural birth. Yes we are tired, but we are in awe of the absolute wild nature of birth.


Episode 9

It's been one whole year since our last podcast! And what a year it has been. Particularly in these past few months as we have watched our dream of building a retreat space and moving into a home of our own come to life. 


Episode 10

Join Renee and Murray for this quick car chat around labels and how they can potentially limit ones experience. *warning, Murray occasionally drops the f bomb, cause it’s Murray*


Episode 11

Murray coaches Renee through a real time processing of finding her manifesting feeling. Find out more about how to manifest in their online course here.

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